The Beginning Of You-P

The story of You-P starts to be written from the friendship, extensive industrial knowledge of its founders and the vitality of the new generations. This union provides us the ability to integrate Experience, Knowledge, and Technology of the latest generation, making available technical content and tools for the management of your home.

“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.”

– Albert Camus

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Taking care of a home is a huge responsibility, right? However, with the correct repair tools, adequate residential maintenance tips, skilled labor, and following safety rules it is possible to have an easier and healthier life.

A regular preventive maintenance schedule can reduce a series of issues and maintain your home in perfect conditions. In addition, it can be a lot more interesting and cost efficient, rather than waiting until something deteriorates and needs to be fixed, or even thrown away.

Regularly inspecting your home and concluding improvement projects will keep your maintenance schedule under control and will make this task easier to manage and low in operations cost.

You-P was developed from the necessity to understand and identify the workings of a residence and our goal is to help with residential maintenance with a simple and friendly implementation, providing not only systematic and periodic management tools, but also bringing technical material and practical improvements through the articles that will be constantly published.

Enjoy and contact us with any questions, needs or partnerships.

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