The most important thing when it comes to home maintenance is regularly checking your home for preventing and identifying problems that may show up over time, doing this often will help you prevent major damages and will be more cost efficient in the long run.

So here are 6 monthly tips in order to keep your home in top shape:

  1. Check and possibly change/clean HVAC system filters, most filters need to be cleaned or replaced every 2-3 months which is why checking your filters’ conditions is so important.
  2. Check for leaks around toilets and sinks, leaks can become quite costly and time-consuming repairs, so detecting them early could save you from some stress and headaches.
  3. Check kitchen vent hood filter, this is something that not a lot of people have ever even thought about doing which is why you might be surprised with how dirty they can get, using some type of degreaser (like dish detergent) and hot water should do the job just fine.
  4. Test smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, a simple check to see if the batteries are still in working condition is more than enough, but also remember to completely change your batteries for new ones every 6 months.
  5. Inspect fire extinguishers, if you have any fire extinguisher, which is some states are required by law in certain room of your home, checking to see they are easily accessible, that the gauge shows adequate pressure, and there are no visible signs of wear and tear, could save your entire home in the case of a fire.
  6. Walk around outside, by simply walking around your home a couple times you could spot new damages and leaks before time and elements make them much worse.